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Tourism Survey Statistics

The main objective of the 2001 Tourist Survey is the examination of the Tourist Expenditure Level and Structure by taking into account the Types of Tour and the Countries of Usual Residence of the incoming tourists.

The 2001 Tourist Survey also provides other useful information, such as the type of accommodation and the location that the tourists preferred to stay at during their visit, their participation in mini-cruises, their length of stay in Cyprus, repetition on visit and evaluation of Cyprus as a destination in terms of value for money and the holiday experienced offered.

For the second year running, the Survey was conducted on a continuous, month by month basis.
However, no comparison of the results of this Survey with those of previous surveys was possible as:

In 2000, which was the first year that saw the implementation of a continuous, month-by month approach, the Survey began in June as a result of the delay in the approval of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation budget for that year.

The methodology of the Survey changed, as up to and including 1999, the Survey was being conducted on a four-phase basis.

A selection of the most important results of the 2001 Survey follows:

1. Average per person expenditure: CYP441,50.
2. Average per day expenditure: CYP42,93.
3. Average length of stay: 10,28 days.
4. Average per person expenditure of package visitors: CYP447,43.
5. Average per person expenditure of the individual visitors:CYP420,61.
6. The visitors from Belarus recorded the highest per person expenditure (CYP712,07) and the visitors from Israel recorded the highest per day expenditure (CYP86,70).
7. Visitors from Yugoslavia stayed in Cyprus the longest, with an average length of stay of 11,55 days.
8. The Pafos area (Pafos and Polis) attracted the most visitors in 2001 (almost 35% of the total).
9. 82,68% of the visitors stayed in licensed accommodation establishments, while 3,47% stayed in unlicensed ones.
10. The most popular type of accommodation establishment was the 4-star hotel category, with 25,26% of the total.
11. The visitors who stayed in five-star hotels spent the most during their stay in Cyprus (CYP619,08).
12. 1,46% of all tourists had been on a cruise in the period under examination.
13. Cruises were most popular with the Poles, as 3,56% of them went on a cruise.
14. 46,81% of all the tourists had been in Cyprus before (76,18% of the Greek tourists).
15. The visitors who stayed in Paralimni in the period from January to March, in the hill resorts between April and October and in Larnaka between November and December gave these areas the highest holiday experience rating.
16. The highest ratings for the overall value for money for the same periods as in (15) above, were given to Paralimni (in the January to March period) and Larnaka (the other two periods).
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